Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Evil is represented, but where is Good? - Man and his spiritual amnesia

Evil is represented, but where is Good?
People like to believe
In all sorts of conspiracies of evil,
But they find it awfully hard
To believe in conspiracies of good.

Spirituality & Religion. For over 100 years, and perhaps more, the role of the Sufis and the Sufi Shaykhs have been sidelined in a overt push against spiritualism in religion. The funny thing is that this has been done with the open support of many clerics and religious people. You would think that religious-ity = spirituality. But it is not so, although it used to be for the longest time in Islam. To a large degree, the religion of Islam has been secularized. And not in a good way.

They may not look like much as conspirators, but they are
as good as they come.
Those crazy Sufis. I myself, in my school and college years, were carefully taught to consider the Sufis as strange and 'not regular proper Muslims', with their music, veneration of the Prophet (pbuh), their extended dzikr (recitation and remembrance of God's Divine names and attributes) and what their critics call 'grave worship'. In fact the Sufis and the Tariqas (Sufi Schools) were barely mentioned, as if they were a negligible and unimportant part of Muslim history. The opponents of Sufis in Islam were right to try to simply avoid the topic about Sufism, because truth be told, Sufism is very seductive and attractive. It is so because Sufism is a central core of Islamic teachings and contemplation - It is the sweetness and beauty in God cut away from the easy human pretensions of holiness. 

The Conspiracy of Good. A core belief in Islam, and one that continues to be nurtured by the Sufis is the dynamic interaction between past personalities and present circumstances. So for the Sufis, the Prophet is spoken in the present tense, and so are his Companions and all past Prophets and Saints. This is because it is the creed of Muslim spirituality that the human spirit overcomes the veil of space and time, life and death. And the highest form of human spirit is in the Light of Muhammad (pbuh) the Beloved of God and Mercy to all the worlds. And within the context of this world, the divine Plan created by God and implemented by the Prophet (and his soulful retinue of departed Companions, other Prophets and Saints) works through the mechanism of the Sufi Shaykhs of the respective Sufi Schools, although there is always one Grand Shaykh, a Qutub-ul-Zaman (The Spiritual Pole of the Epoch), who guides and directs the overall implementation. A Conspiracy of Good, so to speak.

Disbelief and forgetfulness. But because of Wahabi-Salafi's distortion in spiritual training, re-writing of history and general malice towards everyone that opposes their way, not many Muslims now even feel connected to the Sufi shaykhs. So while these Muslims will go to great lengths in researching and exploring the terrible conspiracies of evil (Freemasonry, Illuminati... etc), they somehow cannot believe that God and the Prophet has not left this world unattended, and equal and greater than the conspiracy of evil is the conspiracy of good, inspired by the Prophet and led by the Shaykhs of the Path (Tariqa) - Servants of the Inner Essence and Meaning, and Masters of the World of Forms.

I am not complaining, you know. Belief in the Tariqa and the Shaykhs is not an electable option. It is not actually a choice. Our fates have been entwined before we ever breath our first.

Have a beautiful day, sunshine. May Love bring us closer together, regardless of the faith we may be dressed in at this very moment.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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