Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Love found me sheltering under the bridge, that was when I left everything...

Love and the Path
When context is everything,
Who is right and who is wrong?
For the longest time, o' Lord
I have been asleep.

When one preacher says this,
And another says that,
Who is right and who is wrong?
For the longest time, o' Lord
I have been misinformed.

When one book says go,
And another says stop,
Which is the right one for me?
For the longest time, o' Lord
I knew not the road.

Until finally, I stopped looking,
And let Love find me...
Sheltering under a bridge,
A fool caught without an umbrella,
As God's own lightnings thundered
Across the grey wash sky...

...and Love drew me out
From under the bridge
Though I did protest,
"It is raining, we will get wet!"
And then Love smiled and Love said,
"This is the way, if you want to play
You have to get a little wet."

So I let Love take me by the hand
As we walked through the park,
A solitary anonymous pair...

While the grey wash sky
Continues its shower

While books and preachers
Continue their
Endless debates...

But I am leaving them all behind, you see
Having at last found Love,
Having at last found the Path
That is right for me.

Love is a romance, and Love with God is a romance unfolding with every breath that you take. Asleep or awake, He is with you. Good or bad, He is with you. It would be heart-breaking for us if we knew just how concerned is He for us, and how He feels when we persist in hurting ourselves.

"My Mercy is greater than My wrath..." the Lord assures us. But of course it is greater, because He is the Most Merciful and He is Mercy itself. While that wrath bit? That wrath is carried not by Him but by Mankind in our overbearing ego, hatred and anger. So thank God that He is bigger and infinitely greater than us. But in this brief span of time that we are alive? By God we can be very, very good at hurting ourselves.

Well, I am tired of this life's anxiety and worries. I cannot continue to huddle under the bridge, forever afraid and nervous. I want Love to lead me. Love to lead me down the Path, however and wherever it may go. And yes, even in the pouring rain.

Have a thoughtful day, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

*1st picture entitled 'Hyde Park, Couple in the Rain, London' by Aldo Cervato, Italy.

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