Friday, May 18, 2012

Mureeds, Mureeds, Mureeds Everywhere! - Where is the Shaykh?

Angel 1: There he goes again. Making spurious remarks about the
Saints and the Mureeds!
Angel 2: Don't you mind him, brethren. He is nuttier than
an Ark full of nuts.

The Nation of Mureeds
There are soft Mureeds,
Hard Mureeds, Happy Mureeds,
Sad Mureeds, Warrior Mureeds,
Singing Mureeds, Dancing Mureeds,
Scholarly Mureeds, Silent Mureeds,
Noisy Cockroach-stamping Mureeds,
Mureeds that shoot arrows off the back of horses,
Mureeds that operate the hearts of the sickly,
Royal Mureeds, common Mureeds,
Bright intelligent Mureeds, silly ridiculous Mureeds,
Mureeds that question, Mureeds that answer,
Mureeds that have no opinion and does neither,
Mureeds with a mustache (even some women Mureeds),
Mureeds with a goatee, Mureeds with long hair,
Mureeds in crewcut, Mureeds with no hair whatsoever.
Thin Mureeds, Fat Mureeds, Gym-going Mureeds,
And couch potato Mureeds,
Mureeds who can cook,
Mureeds who can only eat,
Flashy bling-bling Mureeds,
Mureeds that looked like they spent
The night in a dumpster,
Poor Mureeds, Rich Mureeds,
Mureeds in flashy sports cars,
Mureeds on motor bikes,
Mureeds wearing turbans,
Mureeds wearing a ready-smile,
Mureeds, Mureeds, Mureeds!
(Mureed - Student)

I don’t actually write much about direct experiences with the Masters for the simple reason that I have oh-so-few. I find them awesome and kinda daunting actually. Especially the smiling, easy-breezy ones like you-know-who. So disarming and charming. Oh no… it is those whom I dread most!

I am much more comfortable with their Mureeds. And I guess I write quite a bit about these strange fellows. But you know… one day student, tomorrow master! One day, the Mureed, the next day the Shaykh! Like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader.

Darth Vader: Once, I was your student... now I am your Master!
Obi Wan Kenobi: Master? If you are a Master, my uncle is a Wookie!

I would like to be able say to one future Shaykh – “When nobody noticed you, when everybody thought you dull / crazy / bland like potato soup / mad as a hatter / conniving / manipulative / a great pretender of no spiritual significance whatsoever, I the Sinner, saw the potential in you and quietly thought to myself already, YEARS ahead of everyone else – “Hmm, this is an especially crazy one, with potential for even greater craziness...”


If you have ever had the bad luck of being mentioned anywhere in the Sinners’ Almanac, masyaAllah… you might be in line to great spiritual stations (maqam), to rise higher than the highest flying condor in the spiritual Andes. To become the next great Shaykh!

Or alternatively, you might simply just be plain-old-ordinary-crazy.


Have a lovely day, sunshine. Bless you.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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