Thursday, October 7, 2010

God's Highway and the Illusion of Apostasy

“There is no apostasy in Islam, but there are apostates of love, compassion and mercy. Those who rejected such meanings in the Quran and Sunnah, and have exiled themselves from our association, they have also forced others to apostate according to their thinking. But to us, anyone wishing merely to live under the banner of love, compassion and mercy, such people will always be under our association.

The Tree of Ahad has no end, and the shade of love, the flowers of compassion and fruits of mercy which it offers, all called Ahmad, also have no end” – Mika read the sms and says that I should send it to Nabi Muhammad, but since I don’t have his mobile no, maybe you can pass on the message to him, when you see him next. Salaams, Taufiq."


The above was a sms sent earlier this morning from my cellphone to three friends, Kash, Jad and Ipen. I just thought to share it with you. You may also read it as a continuation of my earlier ramblings entitled 'Claiming you are a Muslim doesn't make you a Muslim. Claiming you are an apostate doesn't make you an apostate' in August 2010. How time flies when you are having fun! Alhamdulillah! Ya Huu!

Pax Taufica.

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