Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tawhid, God is Indescribable and He Gets You all the time

97.God Indescribable

But that too is
A description.

I think that there is no heresy in the worship of God, not in a song, a poetry, a dance, a sigh, a painting, a picture, a building, or in any manner that your heart and mind can conceive. So I am quite prepared to talk to God, in the most intimate and personal way I can. Why do I need to feel shy and embarrassed with the One who has already seen me in my nicest and (more importantly) most wicked aspects?

Whether in the proscribed ritual prayers of your religion or outside the orthodoxy, He listens and sees you. If you approach God through another way do you think that God will close His eyes and put on earplugs, saying "Oh no, I am not Listening Now". Yet, despite this reasoning, there will be people who will not understand and will simply not get you.

But God? He Gets You all the time.
So don't worry, okay? Just do it.

Pax Taufiqa.

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