Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A god of war, Neo-Jihadis, Neo-Crusaders, Children, the Ego, the Business End of a Bullet and a Message of Mercy

131. Compassion and the Masters
In the hands of the Masters,
Is a weapon deadly,
True and fatal,
As Mercy is,
A mighty engine of war,
In God’s Own Armory,
Set upon a strong redoubt,
Raised high above the crowd
Of petty human jealousy.
Today’s verses are battering rams to bring the Gates of Ignorance and Hate crashing down. Today, I am sending 5 poetic sallies against the towering edifice that men call their Jihad and Crusade, but is in truth built on the clay of hubris and pride, and set in mortars of ignorance and bricks of hateful desperation.

We are all born malleable and yielding like natural clay, but the fire of our ego is burning us up, and making our clay hard. The so-called neo-Jihadis and neo-Crusaders of God are therefore an unyielding lot, and their hearts are shut to you. They are heartless men who will gaze upon the lifeless body of a child and say, “It is normal that an innocent dies for a good cause.”

3. Children
The blood of children is inviolable,
And do those who spill it
Believe Allah is on their side?
They have declared war on Allah and His Prophet,
Allah and His Prophet have declared war on them.

The frantic tribesmen of violence? The black-suited chickenhawks walking the corridors of power? The demagogues of religions and ideologies? They are mere nuances of falsehood, hate and ignorance whose existence is suffered by the Universe only to highlight in contradistinction Truth, Love, Beauty and God. They serve no other purpose.

So they persist in their mad folly, repeating the chorus, “In the Name of God! In the Name of Reason! In the Name of Justice! In the Name of Civilization!” But God speaks not to them. They are listening to their own ego, confusing the all-destructive ego with the all-Caring God. They are a deluded bunch.
12. Business End of a Bullet
My brothers today dream martial dreams,
And place their hopes on the altar
Of a god of war.

Seeing nothing beyond the business end of a bullet,

Recognising no honour in peace,
Realising not that the commanding voice
Strangely resembles their own.

Dumb lackeys and errand-boys
Of a god of their own devising

They shout, “Infidels! Infidel!”, and taunt, “Savages! Savages!” – They set their sword’s edge to the neck of an innocent, they move the cursor target on the satellite picture, their finger hovering over the Launch button… They have declared war on the children of God when they should have declared war on their egoistic selves…

27. State of mind
Evil is a state of mind,
To be fought in your mind,
And if you have not
Declared war on yourself,
Truly, you are one of the ignorant…

But, friends, don’t worry... It is not all bad. In fact it is really all good. Do your bit to make that part of your neighbourhood a better place. Quit that bad habit. Recycle. Invent a rival system to Windows. Donate to an orphanage. Donate a smile. Exercise. Do some gardening. Cook for your family and friends. If you are lazy (like me), try writing a blog. Anything, just do it! Time itself is on your side. The Universe is your cheerleader. The Sun is your coach and motivator. The pebbles and rocks beneath your feet are your constant support! They bear your weight in good cheer, saying, "Upon us walks a man/woman who is establishing Godly Worship! Ya Huu for God! YA Huu for Love!"

I found this graffiti scrawled on the walls of my soul one quiet night, five years ago…

4. The Roadbuilder
I build roads,
Not walls.
For my message
Is peace,
Not war.

I grow roses
Not weeds,
For my message
Is beauty,
Not deceit.
So, the poems begin with a prose about Masters and ends with a prose about Master Muhammad Habibullah. May God bless all Christians, Jews, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Taoists, Muslims, Druids, Animists, Socialists, Vegetarians, Meatarians, Trekkies, Progressives and whoever else who are busy establishing Lordly Worship on this saintly Earth. You are all my treasured friends…

Drink, and have a terrific Tuesday, sunshine,

Pax Taufiqa.

Footnotes - 'Compassion & the Master' is from Chapter 1 'The Dam.SunSun.Ana', June 2004. 'Children' is from Chapter 5 'The Profane & the Profound', Sep 2004. 'Business End of a Bullet' is from Chapter 11 'Winter & Rain". 'State of Mind' is from Chapter 16 'Qubruz Bluez' Sep 2005. 'The Roadbuilder' is from Chapter 17 'East of Albion' Jan 2006.

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