Thursday, November 25, 2010

Good exists next to the Absence of Good - Parable of the Moon

14. The Sun & The Moon II (Epilogue)
By the Sun shall you see the Moon,
And by the Sun shall you see the Sun.
And blessed and oft-forgiven are those
Who share the Light with his neighbours,
Returning scowls with a smile,
Returning hate with love,
Returning weakness with strength,
And ignorance with the sweetness of understanding.
Life is too short to feel miserable and hateful. Rest your weary soul by showing mercy, compassion and affection in the face of scowls and misunderstanding. The sweetness of your conscience is found in the flip-side of hate. Don't be provoked! I am a fool and prone to anger, but you, ah... you can do so much better than me! In fact, I have great hope in you..

Have a good Thursday, sunshine. The moon is shining bright above me, the cool morning air is my succour and to the East, I see the sun rising above the dome of the Umar al Khattab mosque.

Life is plainly good, and love - like all good things, is something only clearly define, when it is placed next to hate. Don't be provoked! The hate is there for you to show your wisdom and your spiritual station. Don't let yourself down. You are like the Moon, shining bright in the dark sky of ignorance and desperation.
Pax Taufiqa.

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