Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We have no religion, but Muhammad the Messenger of God has!

Ada orang kata 'islam agamaku'.

Kita jawab yg kita tiada agama, hanya menumpang agama dan adab Muhammad - Habibullah, Abu Arwah!

Kita kata kita penganggur cinta dan hanya merenung kepada wajah dan nur Ahmad untuk pengajaran dan belas kasihan Baginda yg sempurna zat, zahir dan batin.

Kita mengetuk pintu hati Ahmad MUSTAFA dan menyeru, ya Maulana, Ya Rasulullah, terima lah kami, sayang lah kami dan jgnlah lupa kami yang ketandusan kasih sayang tanpa senyuman, berkat dan kemanisanmu, ya Muhammad - madu kurniaan Tuhan, gula dan segala kemanisan yang ada pada keberkatan Tuhan pada kita.

Ada mereka yang berkata kita gila akan dikau, Baginda... Tetapi, hakikatnya adalah mereka belum mengenali dan menikmati cinta mu, kasih manja mu kepada umatmu yang lemah dan kolot - ya, Rasul hatiku, dikau tiada bandingan segala alam. Ameen.

English translation –

There are people who say that ‘Islam is my religion’

In reply we answer that we have no religion, (for we are) only clinging upon the religion and traditions of Muhammad - Beloved of God, Father of Souls!

We are beggars of love, and we only gaze to the countenance and light of Ahmad for guidance and affection of His Majesty perfected in his core, essence and form.

We are knocking on the door of Ahmad MUSTAFA's heart and asking, O’ Master, O’ Messenger of God, accept us, love us and do not forget we who (will forever) thirst for love without your smile, grace and sweetness, o’ Muhammad - the God's grant of honey, (the) Sugar and all Sweetness that is contained in (all of) God’s Blessings for us.

There are some who will say we are mad for you, Your Majesty… but the truth is they have not yet met nor tasted your love, that adoring love you have for your nation who are (always) weak and misguided – O’ Messenger of my heart, there is none equal to you in all of creation, Amen.

The sms in Bahasa Melayu was sent to an Indonesian friend earlier this morning. Tonight is a night to rest and give thanks. So, thank you, my friends, for sharing a little corner of your consciousness with this hapless sinner.

And tomorrow? Well, tomorrow Eid Mubarak, sunshine!
Pax Taufiqa.
PostScript, 4.04am Eidul Adha 2010 - I guess I cannot sleep until I serve the full pint of this posting. I respect and admire those who are yearning for God through religion, beyond the tyranny of their ego - Those who are breaking free from religious pride / hubris and annihilating the misconceived notion that they 'own' their religion.
My sweet friends, whatever faith you practise, you never own your religion, just as much as you never own God, nor His Names or Meanings. Eons and thousands of years ago, Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Muhammad and so many other messengers and prophets were inspired by God to guide, warn and give succour to mankind. Some messengers are well known, while others are now anonymous, their names lost in the mist of time. To them you owe your wisdom and rituals, and the religion that you practise is essentially theirs, not yours. You are merely a guest, or sometimes a stowaway and trespasser in their lore and wisdom. Yet they tolerate you, God tolerates you, no matter how often you misrepresent their teachings.

.So do not take God's ways in vain. Do not claim ownership over religion nor God. It is in that seed of hubris that we find the trail leading to the insane 'us and them' dogma - a disease that is forever seeking to kill the essence of what your messenger and your prophet has left for you - Love, Hope, Tolerance, Mercy, Kindness... all of this will be lost, if we allow our ego and pride to overcome our submission to the Benevolent Will of God All-Loving, All-Merciful.

So my thought turn to the pilgrims in Mecca and pray that in their pilgrimage, they shall find the truth of who they really are, and who God really is. And of course, to each and everyone of us, who are undertaking their own pilgrimage, each day and each second- a pilgrimage from the falsehood of the ego, to the Truth of Love, of God. Come, my friend - help me in this journey... for I am told that the Host of Pilgrims is the Aid to all souls heart-broken. Let us mend our broken lives there... in the Guest House of God, which people call the heart.

Thank you, sunshine.

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