Monday, September 1, 2014


A Bonfire of White Fire
You are my wonder
You are my mystery
You are my forever
And I would lay waste
All my world for You
In a bonfire of white fire,
If it was Your pleasure,

You are my perfection
You are my redeemer
My Guide and my Master
And how I regret each breath
That I steal when of You
I fail to remember,

For it is theft that I commit,
It is a fraud that I abet,
It is a lie that I aid to fulfill,
The vainglory of my capricious will...

When oh Lord, oh Master,
I forget myself for even a moment.
By forgetting my God, Allah, and Muhammad, my Master,

The seconds are endless... the days countless... the years, shamefully many in which I, your writer, has constantly failed to remember God Almighty, and His Habibullah, Nabi Muhammad (saws).

For I fear that for far too long, I, your sinner, was easily persuaded by the temporary distractions of this world, by the poison honey, the chemical happiness, the cheap tawdry gratification so well presented in the window shop of this reality. 

But not you, sunshine. You who are my betters, saw through the deception of this ego-world, and learned well the lessons. At the knees of the wise, you learned to discern the true sweetness of love, the honey of submission, the wine of exaltation in the praise of Allah swt and the wonder that is the Holy al-Quran and the sunnah (traditions) of His Beloved Muhammad (saws).

If you can spare a cup of knowledge, a drop of compassion, a hint of hope, pour your love in my direction, and keep me in your prayers, please. You may consider yourself ordinary, my readers. But I see you very differently. You are my hope for my humanity. So grip tight the robes of the saints and the saintly!  

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Notrumi Embun, 1st September 2014

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way   

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