Sunday, November 30, 2014


The Tree of Muhammad
I am a tree,
And I have been created
Complete in my perfection,
You may take sustenance from 
My deepest roots to the highest
Leaf or flower that bloom from me,
You may pick my low lying fruits,
You may take shelter beneath me 
From the heat of the sun
From the wetness of the rain,
And from the hubris of men,

You may approach me from 
Any direction, and along any path,
For I am created to endure 
And for as long as the forest remains
I shall always be here, waiting for you,

Indeed, by my Most Merciful Lord,
I was created that you may be created,
And If you think your desire and longing for me is great,
Lo, You will not bear to know my desire
And longing for you!

Who will come to me?
Who will sit under my shade?
Who will rest his weary troubles on me?
Who will share my fruits and my nectar?
Who will take delight in my company?

What is a tree? It is a living breathing organism without whom we would perish and this world would be a dead soulless planet. Yesterday morning Heche and me were buying breakfast from a street pedlar who was selling his nasi lemak under a tree by a busy suburban street. As I was waiting for Heche to complete our transaction I stood next to the tree and wondered in my wandering whim, "How many countless people have passed you by, o' Tree, barely noticing your existence, yet taking shelter beneath your rich green foliage?"

As we rush through our daily life, filled with distractions and illusions of this world, we often forget what truly matters. I thanked the tree for giving me a shade, and gently pressed my palm against its brittle grey bark. In the name of God that made you, thank you! In the name of the Prophet, thank you for your beauty!

Sarawak. When I was away in Sarawak, I was often close to tears. Not out of sadness, but joy. And a sense of overwhelming thankfulness for being surrounded by my beautiful friends, and beautiful trees. Arriving early in the town of Kuching I was brought to a cemetery near my friend's house to visit his late father, grandparents and great grandfather.

There, nestled among the shrubbery and trees, I found his ancestors's graves and the historical link to a beautiful history.  And I, Taufiq the recalcitrant sinner, playing an unlikely part in my friend's own story.  Winding through history like a path through the spiritual station of honoured ones, we find ourselves here today - somewhere in the most beautiful lore of the Prophet Muhammad (saws). Thus, our sincere prayers is that Allah (swt) shall allow us to contribute a chapter to His Habibullah's (saws) story, whether as a beautiful rose or even a fern or a humble blade of grass or moss... That is enough already.

Don't you agree, sunshine?

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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