Saturday, June 1, 2013

Distant Cathay and Nourishing your Soul - about knowledge, stars, and introducing Aaron the Dog.

There is often a cat and a dog in my sketches. The cat's name is Moses. So I find
it strange that only after the longest time that the name of the dog is apparent.
Of course, it has to be Aaron. He he he.
The Prophet (May Allah raise his station, increase his peace and contentment!) has famously admonished his followers to search for knowledge, be it to distant Cathay. With our space telescope floating precariously some 559 kilometres above our heads, our sights are trained much further than China. Far into the distant galaxies, our astronomers are gazing into the depth of space, and into the deepness of time, as star lights originating millions of years ago are observed and captured for the very first time in beautiful pictures by the Hubble telescope...

The Veil Nebula. 
The Orion Nebula
The Spiral Galaxy M74. Amazing photos from the official website, you can go there by
clicking here The Hubble Site.
God is challenging us. With flirtatious glimpses behind the veil, which may only be an echo of an echo of His Beauty, so we, like Majnun, would go mad in love. But God is also the instructing God, the Guiding One. And He cautions us to remain sober, and to obey those who have authority over us, and to love and care for those who we have authority over. Like our pets. That is the perfect adab (good manners) of a seeker.

So, search for knowledge and discover the world, and discover your God. Set your gaze further than Cathay, and even further than the furthest galaxies that can be observed by the Hubble telescope. But please, in your quest for knowledge, don't forget to feed your dog. Or cat. Or budgerigar.

And before I forget, in the name of The Piercing Star, Sayyidina An Najmus Saqib (s.a.w.s.), please don't neglect to feed your soul. For above all, your soul is in need of nourishment. Even more so than your pets.

Have a beautiful sabbath, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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