Saturday, June 8, 2013

THE FLAG OF GUIDANCE, THE HOLY SPIRIT AND THE JOY OF GOD - three names of the Prophet (s.a.w.s) and the little matter of the jihad

The Kalimah of Jihad
There is no G but G, and M is the M of G.
There is no jihad but G-Heart,
And in this venture, there is no messenger better.

G-HEART. What is jihad? Jihad is about bringing God into your heart, which directly brings goodness into the world. It is about translating our humble life to magnify the Greatness of Allah (s.w.t.), to suppress our ego and nafs (base animal desires) and raise the Flag of Guidance in our heart, who is none other than that 'M'... Muhammad Prophet of God (s.a.w.s).

Guide us, ya Sayyidina Alamul Huda (s.a.w.s.)!

GEE-HEART. And if you are a Christian? What is Jihad for you? It is not the crusade of ancient times, nor the poor facsimile of the crusades now. It is to stop saying 'Gee Whiz!" or 'Golly Gee!" but to instead resonate the Gee (G) of Jesus Christ in your heart. And for this, there is no wiser arbiter than the Holy Spirit, who is none other than Muhammad Prophet of God(s.a.w.s).

Guide us, ya Sayyidina Ruhul Quds (s.a.w.s.)!

JOYFUL HEART. Banish the pain and sorrow of your life thrown up in the pursuit of being something, when nothing is much simpler. Hold the bridle tightly on the donkey (ego) and say, "Go straight! Let us ride upon the Path of Haqq (Truth). O' my ego, you tell me to turn here and there, to turn left and be distracted by this world, to turn right and be overcome by my sensual desires, you promise me that by following your nature, I will find joy, but you are deceitful, for what is joy if it is not the Joy of Allah, who is none other than Muhammad Prophet of God (s.a.w.s.)? Come, on our way now, the Prophet beckons!"

Guide us, ya Sayyidina Sa'dullah (s.a.w.s.)!

Lovely. Have a beautiful Sunday, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way 

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