Monday, June 10, 2013

MOMENTS & THE SAYYIDINA MUBASHIR (s.a.w.s.) - moments of clarity, miracles and homecoming

A moment captured - Clarity, the smile of your child.

One Moment of Clarity
Not a million words,
Not a billion essays,
Not a trillion books
Will equal one moment of creation,
One moment of experience,
One moment of charity,
One moment of clarity,
One moment of praise and worship.

So stop all that writing for awhile,
And savour your son's innocent smile,
So rest your eyes for awhile,
And pick up that shovel,
Close that book for awhile,
And pick up the phone,
Place the book back on the shelf,
You can read it later
And put on your walking shoes,
Turn off the internet
And turn to God.

We (meaning I) live such a docile life. I think I think too much, I read and I write. But sometimes, there comes a point when reading and writing, although wonderful in itself is not enough. Sometimes we need the moment to ourselves, to do physical things and attend to dunya (worldly) matters.

For dunya may be a distraction - from your work to your bills, from your health to your wealth, But dunya is also the mirror by which we may look into ourselves (and others) and see God's resplendent creation and recreation. In each and every precious moment. 

A moment experienced - Miracles, there is no need for Taufiq to divide the Red Sea,
For Moses (a.s.) has done it before. Other, countless miracles are there already,
potent and very much real.

We do not need magic and miracles. For the magic and miracles of God is in this world already. And this is the message of Muhammad Prophet of God(s.a.w.s.), to spread the good news to all Mankind, whatever your race or colour or creed. And this entire world, this entire dunya is his mission.

Muhammad, Sayyidina Mubashir ( The Spreader of Good News) (s.a.w.s.)

Have a beautiful Monday, sunshine. And may your day be filled with countless moments of clarity.

A moment cherished - Homecoming, lo Paradise is not far away, it is only 20 minutes
drive from my house. And this is only a foretaste of God's promised land
for His servants for whom His Compassion is without measure,
for whom His Love is beyond compare,
For whom His Presence is the
long-sought homecoming.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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