Sunday, April 13, 2014

HU AM I? ,... I am Notrumi

Please Tell Me
Behind closed doors,
Hidden in the veil that we all wear,
What are we?

Father? Mother? Friend or enemy?
Righteous man or riddled with hypocrisy?

If you know me, please tell me...

Everyone and his auntie has
written of Rumi and his poetry.
I am Notrumi, and you shan't find
any Rumi here.
Hu Am I? Sufis, artists, lawyers and doctors, beggars and farmers, chairman of the board and the security guard smartly saluting you as you pass him by, all of humanity faces the same question that has dogged our species for eons - what am I? Who am I?

Though we would like to believe that we are what we believe in, it can get a little tiring to be defined by what you think you believe in and nothing beyond that. The truth is our inner consciousness is a turbulent sea, a veritable ocean of disparate thoughts, biases, passions and confusions. A constant storm of contradictions, confusions, perceptions and misconceptions. So my old friend tells me - "Do not let your inner self remain inner. You are what you do, so do! Leave the exhausting inner debate and let your actions define who you are." 

May God dress you with goodness, inside and outside. For the opposite of goodness is a lie, and we don't want to continue living a lie of a life.

Pray for me, sunshine! 

I am a beggar, the acute sinner,
The drunk derelict,
I am Notrumi.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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