Wednesday, August 7, 2013


1. Despair
Tell despair that I shan't drink the wine from its cellar,
For I am happy with what God has bestowed,

Because we only despair when we are dissatisfied. So be happy!

2. Doubt
Tell the troll of doubt that it shan't grab me from under its bridge,
For my God has given me wings to fly high in the sky,

Because you need a pair of them, the wing of ilm (knowledge) and the wing of adab (good manners) to fly. And as a bonus, an ancient friend just shared with me that a lot of salawat (greetings of peace and invocations of praise for Muhammad s.a.w.s.) will bring a nice breeze to help you in your flight to Hu knows where! Rejoice!

3. Hubris 
Tell the minions of hubris that they will not confound me again,
For I have seen the errors of my ways, in the past, 
In the present
And in the future,

Because hubris comes from certainty. And awareness of our mistakes reminds us that certainty is only with God, not us. Be a mureed (follower/student) always!

4. Usury
Tell the warlocks of usury in their towers of greed
That I see through their deceit,
For my God has forbidden to us usury,

Because one of the worse apparent blackmagic is the sorcery of usury. And God Almighty and His Prophet (s.a.w.s.) has declared war on usury. Join the winning team!

5. Deceit
Tell the spin-witches of public relations that I will not be distracted,
For there is no brand, no name, no glamour I desire more
Than the presence of God and His pleasure! 

Because Allah (s.w.t.) is utterly wonderful beyond words, and His Pleasure is none other than the Prophet Muhammad, Sayyidina Sa'dullah (The Joy of Allah). So be joyful with the most joyful of all mankind! The most joyful of all Creation!

May you have a wonderful (and divinely joyous) last day of Ramadan the Blessed, sunshine.

This read, is a Joyful Book.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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