Tuesday, January 7, 2014

INFINITY IS JUST ONE MOMENT - the words of the Prophet (saws) comes tumbling through time for us

Momentarily, please...
What is a moment?
When does a moment begin and when does it end?
Between two breaths?
Between the draw of a bowstring and the release of an arrow?
Between your birth and your death and what follows?
How many todays are left for us, o' Saad?
And how many tomorrows?
How far shall your arrow fly?
And wherefore shall your soul go?

The Oxford Dictionary (which I here summarize) says that a 'moment' means a very brief period of time or a particular or exact point in time or course of event

But for God Almighty, time itself is a point of creation. And though we are forced to live our daily life from the crib to the grave in periodically significant moments such as days and nights, births and deaths, work and rest, sleep and play... to God, all these occasions, which may be broken into countless and infinitesimally small apportionment of time, can all count to be one single moment for Him. After all, from the point of creation to the end of whatever end may be, it is in a single glance of God's divine vision... simply because the created can never, even clothed in that barely imaginable idea of infinity, encompass the Creator Himself. 

So like all things manifested by Our Loving God, even infinity is an instrument for human conjecture and reflection. 

Err... I appear to have wandered off topic. Alright, the prose above is actually referencing a hadith (verbal sayings of the Prophet Muhammad saws) - for one day, while walking with his four illustrious Companions, Abu Bakar, Umar, Usman and Ali, the Prophet (saws) came upon his uncle, Saad ibn Abi Waqqas, who was his mother's cousin. Famous for being one of the earliest Muslims, and a courageous and skillful archer, Saad was practising his archery skills when  the Prophet (saws) came by. Looking on, the Prophet (saws) encouragingly said to him, "O' Saad, shoot an arrow for me...".  

And so it is for you, sunshine. Whatever good deed or work you may be doing, however humble. Planting a sapling, cooking a pot roast, cleaning your room, reading a book, embracing your mother, honing your archery skills, or going for a walk... do you not hear our Master? Do it for me... do it in my name... do it on my behalf... do it for my pleasure... in all our prayer, pleasure, pastime or passion.

The words of encouragement from the heart of Muhammad Habibullah (saws) comes to us, passing through the vast expanse of time and space as if it were all just one moment in the Vision of Allah (swt) the All-Knowing, the All-seeing! Because the truth is, it really is.

So let us strive to a beautiful and purposeful life, sunshine. Not for my sake, and nor even yours. But for his sake, for the sake the Light of Creation, Sayyidina Miftahul Jannat (Key to the Garden), our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws).

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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