Sunday, January 4, 2015


The Ransom for Creation
Every time you inhale
With the intention of reciting
Salutations and praise 
For the Prophet,
Lo, that lungful of air 
Is worth more
Than all of Creation... 
So let your salawat 
For the Prophet 
Be heard,

Release the ransom of creation
And let your salawat 
For the Prophet
Be heard,

Let it be known
The reason for Creation,
And let your salawat
For the Prophet
Be heard...

Fossils, not Faith. One day I will not be here anymore to write this almanac. But I will be happy to receive the ending credits, that final curtain call of Allah (swt) that all creatures face, if I but know that these words will continue to float in your consciousness, sunshine. And for this, I would be eternally grateful.

Fossils, Not Faith
Lo, seek for the crier of tears!
The yearning ones,
The ones overcome with passion
At the mere recollection of the Prophet,

For their river of tears
Waters the field of real knowledge
And prevents the lore of God
From ossifying, drying up
And hardening into 
Fossils of faith,
Dead bones
Only fit to be
Exhibited in
The museum. 

Just Words. It is hard speaking, but how will we find God Almighty without the Prophet of God (saws)? Is it faith we have, or have we collected some old bones, dug from the earth of the holy Quran? Fossils really, dead lifeless prose, undoubtedly beautiful, full of knowledge and hypnotic, but at the end just words. And this we think suffices us to face this world, our willful ego, the accursed Satan and his minions?
Truth is choking them. Neither by our strength, nor by our greatest intellectual grasp of religion will we be safe. Oh how easy it is to say, "O' Prophet (saws), you have been sent to us and we are in need of you. So be alive in our hearts and our conscience, do not leave us for one moment to our fickle self. We are your nation, and we are undone without your love and mercy! For have you not been sent to all worlds and nations as God's Own mercy?" How strange then that some believers in the holy Quran find such words choking in their throat, unable to spit it out, crying out instead, "Bida'ah! Bida'ah (innovations and heresy)!"


But then again, love can never be completely explained. So I will stop here and ask God to show us His Love - Nabi Muhammad (saws), the Seal of the Messengers, the completion of mercy and generosity of the Merciful and Generous One to all His creation.

That's you and me, kiddo! So never despair, and smile always... 

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way