Thursday, September 12, 2013

THE KALIMAH ALLAH - The Peace of the Day

I want to belong,
But if it means rejecting goodness and manners,
Then I am perfectly happy
With my conscience and
The Lord of my Conscience
for company.

For I already belong...
To Him.

Though He does not belong...
To me.

And that is fine,
I want goodness and manners above all things,
Unlike the devil, I want to toe the line, you see...

I want my Lord to be happy...
With me.

And He is happy when He sees
Me treating my brothers 
And sisters fairly,

In whatever dress that 
They wear their

The peace and contentment in Malaysia, or in particular, West Malaysia is presently being disturbed by a court case. The case involves a Christian group desiring to use the word Allah in its internal magazine, which is being prohibited by the Government for a lot of interesting reasons. None of which I agree with.  Truth be told, I have written a rather long post about the Allah controversy but I think nobody wants to read a lengthy discussion on the matter. Instead I recall a simple prose recorded in 2010 reflecting on this debate, and you may read by clicking here 'What is in a Name? The Meaning...' (So after 3 years, this controversy is back to haunt our headlines... *sigh*)

To be honest with you I am viscerally appalled by the attempt of any group to ban the use of a word by any other group. Some Muslims say that we need to do this to protect the sanctity of God's name and to avoid Christians spreading confusion among the Muslim population (read that to mean convert the Muslims).

For myself, and though a mere sinner, I am afraid that many Muslims are already confused, and in their attempt to defend the faith, they are doing great injustices to the Muslims themselves. But that is only my opinion...

Hmm. Perhaps I will post the discussion, one day. But not today. For the morning greeted me with Salam and I do not plan to spoil the peace of the day.

May Allah (s.w.t.) bless yours and your beloved.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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