Monday, September 30, 2013

The Final Punch Line - Saiful Bahri (1964 - 2013) Part 3

121. The Door (By Poone)
Oh, My servant!
Long have you been knocking on My door.
Here, take the door and go!

Pooneseque Prose. There are a number of prose recorded over this past decade, which I attribute to my late brother, Saiful (better known to his friend as Poone). Some arose from our quick banter, so much so that I am not sure as to who said what (this comes with age... trust me), but others I clearly recall as being spoken originally by Poone. And The Door is one of those which I remember distinctly as a Poonesque prose (you see, that is why the prose is recorded as 'by Poone' and not 'with Poone').

But I guess, the ultimate punch line for his joke is that three weeks ago, on the night of 14th of September 2013 when Poone passed away, God finally replied...

"Oh My servant! 
Long have you been knocking on My door, 
You need wait no longer...
Now enter!"

I Choose Happy. Just something short today, sunshine. Just so you know that I am alive and still here. And I am happy that I wrote this, because I now realise how good it is for us all if we would only accept God's final punch line for this strange, confusing but often hilarious journey that we call our life. 

"As if we actually have a choice!" you may say to me. But we do. We can choose to be in denial and be sad. Or we can accept and be happy. I choose happy. 

Poone, May 2012. Smiling in the Jordanian desert somewhere.

Have a lovely day, and may Allah (swt) shower grace and blessings upon all our dearly departed, that they may be in the congregation of the blessed and the graced. Madad ya Muhammad Rasulullah (saws), al fatiha. 

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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