Sunday, October 6, 2013

Poone, the Humble Shovel, Suzanne Vega and the Garden of Stones...

The Humble Shovel
You may have ridden in the finest horse and carriage,
You may have feasted from plates of gold and silver,
But to me will you come at the end of your world,
I am your ready servant, whatever your tone,
Me, beside the waiting gravedigger,
Me, your humble shovel
In the Garden of Stones.

The Best Time to Go. I am so at home at the cemetery, especially now that Poone (my late brother and the one I call Abang Chik) is laid to rest there. The only issue I have is the buzzing mosquitoes that insist on accompanying me wherever I am, at whichever grave I visit. It crossed my mind that the safest place from this annoying insects is to be six feet under. But thank God that my own passing is not mine to choose the time and place. Are we not lucky that the circumstances of our passing shall be in the hand of He Who Created us? He Who knows us best (and despite knowing all our filthy secrets), Loves us best of all? 

It will be the best of time for us, and for those we will leave behind.

Obnoxious. I have no doubt of this, because God has promised us... Sometimes, we living inevitably sigh and yearn for the company of our dearly departed kin or friend. However happy, angry, sad or irritating our relationship with the deceased may have been. One of my brother's closest friend said to me, as we were burying Poone, "Oh my God, he is one of the most obnoxious person I know!" And I agree with him. But he would also agree that we would give all our worldly treasures to have just one more obnoxious moment with him. 

He he he.

Poone's musical taste. Before I leave you, let me leave you with what my brother has left me. A taste in some of the great musicians of our era. In the early eighties, Santa Monica-born folk singer and songwriter Suzanne Vega made a bit of name in England, captivating audiences with her haunting prose and magical guitar. This is one of our favourite(est)... its called 'Cracking'.  

God bless you, sunshine. Be happy and assured of love from God, a love infinite in its breadth and deeper in its solace than your most intimate dreams...

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


Anonymous said...

so calming the song. Al Fatihah. - Ur not so secret secret-admire.

Milky Tea said...

Salams Anony,

Does one secret negate the second secret so you become the apparent admirer? Hehehe.

THank you for dropping in. And yes, 'Cracking' is so mellow...

Have a good One,