Tuesday, October 15, 2013

WHEN WE FORGET, WE FALTER - remembering God and His Goodness

When the One
How happy am I to be sad,
When the One to make me happy is You.

How healthy am I to be ill,
When the One to heal me is You.

How joyful is my broken heart,
When the One to mend it is You.

How wise am I to be foolish,
When the One to teach me is You.

How contented am I to be lost,
When the One looking for me is You.

How victorious am I to be defeated,
When the One to conquer me is You.

How unworried am I to be broken,
When the One to pick up my broken pieces is You.

How beautiful am I in my plainness,
When the One to blush my cheeks,
To comb my hair, to hold my hand
And lift my veil Is You 
And none but You...

When we forget, we falter. Someone told me a little while back that we make mistakes, we commit sin unto ourselves and others, simply when we forget. We forget that behind every sadness and happiness, success and failures, calamities and joyous surprises, behind the veil of our supposed knowledge and certain ignorance, there is none there but God Almighty. So we overreact. We lose our balance. We do an 'oopsie'.

The Beautiful Symmetry. When the truth of it all is that there is only Hu (meaning He), who is none other than God Himself planning the ebb and rise of our fortunes, our birth, marriage, work, illness, children and death. If we remember this, surely there is nothing to despair for us, once we realise we are nothing in His Loving Embrace... so that we might finally see the beautiful symmetry of His Works, the infinite beauty of His Creation, and the unimaginable mercy of His Compassion.

Have a wonderful Eidil Adha, sunshine. Don't forget. Try to remember. And if you see me falter (as I surely will!), help me and remind me of His Goodness.

Our greeting of peace unto the Prophet Muhammad (saws), his noble family and companions ,and unto the saints for the sinners... alive and living in the grave.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


Yafiah said...

Your words are a beautiful Eid gift. Eid Mubarak!

Milky Tea said...

Welcome back Yafiah... hope you had a good Eid Mubarak! It was exhaustingly good for me!