Monday, October 21, 2013

GOOD ATTRACTS GOOD - now that you are not here...

Now That You Are Not Here
Dear gentle soul,
Now that you are gone,
I constantly pray for you,
As I know you are constantly praying for me,

Dear gentle soul,
You were not meant to be long here,
Beneath the eaves of this forest of trees,
And the tall roofs of the minaret spires,
Where are you walking now that you are not here?
Now that you have nothing left to fear?

Dear gentle soul,
The middle child of two beautiful souls,
Will you give my greetings to our mother,
Now that you are with her and not here?

Dear gentle soul,
You shall now never grow old,
And your love will never grow cold.

My late brother, Saiful Bahri, whom I call Abang Chik (meaning, literally older younger brother) and you call Poone would undoubtedly say to me, "Enough already laaa with the poems (us Malaysians like to say laaa at the end of everything to stress a point)". But if he took such an unexpected and discourteous exit from this world (well, God fated his passing, but I am still going to blame Poone), I think I deserve as much time as I want to write about him. Because, frankly, I won't be posting anything at all here in the Almanac if I am not writing about my dear brother.

Mak Ndak, my auntie sitting near the foot of Poone's grave.
Well, that's what I call her. My brother called her Mak, meaning mother, for
she cared for him when he was just a baby, as my parents
had to travel overseas for my father's further studies.

Last week, a very excellent friend of my brother called Boy (though he is not a boy anymore) dropped by the house to ask for directions to find Poone's grave in the cemetery. We did not talk for very long, but I was deeply touched by what he said. "You know..., if I get to heaven, I would wish my father and mother to be there, my wife, my children... and Poone."

From all these unnecessary accolades about my brother, I rather take it that my brother was a jolly good fellow. And I think in his all-too short life, Poone also collected a bunch of jolly good fellows as friends.

Good attracts Good. That's what I think. Don't you agree, sunshine?

Have a lovely Monday now.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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