Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mikhail's Top 5 Singers in the World! (or maybe for today only)

"No, no, no... Not Pitbull. He's just creepy." says Mikhail.

Last night I interrogated my 8-year old son, Mikhail. It was about music.

It was pitch black as I was actually tucking him to bed. But you don't need light to make small talk, so I asked him, "Mikhail, who's your favourite singer?"

"I liked Justin Beiber 2 years ago. But not anymore."

Before I could comment, Mika went on to confess a dreadful secret. "Papa, do you know that Justin Beiber Baby video is the most disliked video on Youtube? And it's all my doing!"

I asked for an explanation. "How is that possible?"

Sniggering on his pillow, he said, "Yes, Papa. I opened up lots and lots of Youtube accounts so I can dislike the video many times over. I am the cause of his 'disliked fame'!"

Almost 750 million hits(!!!!) for JB's Baby music video on Youtube. With  1.2 million likes
but 2.6 million dislikes. So Mika was not kidding...  And it's all thanks to him. But I don't
blame him for not liking JB anymore. At 6 years old you can forgive anything, but at 8 years
old you have started to acquire some fashion taste, and wearing a baseball cap sideways
is simply unacceptable. These are important things to learn on the Path. 

Err. Alright. "Well, if it's not him anymore, who is it? I bet it's me!" I replied.

"Noooo, Papa. Wait, let me swing the Wheel of Singers, my 5 favourite singers!.... Swing, swing, swing, swing the Wheel..." And so he went until, "Okay! Alright, here it is... Hey Papa, No. 5 is you...!

"Alright!" I exclaimed, but knowing that my son is giving me the token last place. So sweetot.

"Hmm... alright. No. 4 is Bruno Mars. Err... No. 3 is Katy Perry. No wait! No...No, It's Chris Brown (Mika will never put a MERE girl on his top list of anything because we all know that girls are yucky.). Alright... No.2 is... hmmm." Then Mika continued in a whisper, as if thinking aloud, "Hmmm... No... No, not Pitbull. He's just creepy. Oh yes, I got it! No. 2 is Red Foo and Sky Blu!

I actually like some of her songs. But even if Katy Perry can win the MTV Awards,
she will never ever get into Mikhail's Top 5 Singers. She's the wrong gender, you see.

I did not know them so I asked, "Who the heck is RedPoo and Skyblue? Are they a band?"

Mika laughed at my ignorance and answered, "Papaaa... it's Red FOO not RedPoo! LOL, Papa, LOL! (Yes, he actually says LOL instead of laughing) You know them, it's the two guys who sings 'Party Rock'!"

The members of LMFAO, RedFoo(left) and SkyBlu. RedFoo is actually SkyBlu's uncle.
RedFoo's father is the music mogul Berry Gordy (Founder of Motown Records),
who's Sky Blu's grandfather. The silsilah (historical precedences) of people
are important to know. This is also some of the stuff you learn on the Path.

Oh I see. Or in Mika's abbreviated grammar... o i c.

"Okay, Papa... my No.1 singer is someone who was born black but died white! He's name starts with err... M! It's Micheal Jackson!" Then he asked me, "How is that possible, Papa? How could he be black then die white?"

"Gee, I don't know, Mika. But I never knew you loved Micheal Jackson."

"I do, Papa. Even when I was 3 I already liked him." Mika said before wistfully concluding, "I was very sad, you know, when he died. Very sad."


Yes, indeed. Life is often full of poignant sadness, sunshine. But it is also full of joyous and downright hilarious 'Mika' moments. And of course the singers... wonderful singers.

God bless the singers.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


jo said...

hey thanks to Mika, I now know Foo and Blu. Can't say much about their songs but to know they exist makes me feel hip and happening. Huh must be mid life crisis.
yes yes I know Michael Jackson too.

Milky Tea said...

How old are you actually you said...?

Yes... we are hip, and going to be candidates for hip replacement if we are not careful! insyaAllah may our health be good or get better!

Thanx for commenting!