Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Boy Scouts and the Sufi Orders - the good reasons to join are all with God

Boy Scouts, Essex, England. circa 1919

60. Associations
If you are looking for a uniform,
If you want to form a gang,
Join the Boy Scouts.

At least you will learn how to make fire,
And other useful skills.

Once you have exhausted your need
For peer approval,
Come and look for us!

People join the Sufi orders through a myriad of circumstances and for differing personal reasons. And for some people, it is to fill a desire for association with a particular group of persons. To attain that deep and very human instinct to 'belong'. But as things never happen by sheer coincidence, often those personal reasons are mere disguises hiding the true reason, which is held by God and the Prophet.

For instance, some people are greatly attracted and motivated by the magical views and vistas often offered in not just the Sufi path, but all other mystical path of mainstream religions. But that too is not the real reason to join a Sufi order...

174. Hiking
If you are wont for beautiful sceneries,
Book yourself on a hiking tour.

Because after all, if God had wanted Man to fly, He would have given him wings, and if God had wanted Man to swim under the sea, He would have given Man gills. No, as God has offered Man the most sublime gift ever offered... the opportunity to be a servant of God, He has given the one thing which differs Man (and Djinn too) from the rest of creation... the ability to reason and to choose. That is the greatest miracle of them all, and not some silly sport of flying... As the famous female saint Rabia al-Adawiyya once commented to Hasan al Basri (a famous contemporary male saint) as he came swooping down from the skies to visit her, "O' Hasan... even birds can fly!"

I thought Rabia already told these Saints to stay put on the ground!

Yes, indeed. Even birds can fly. But Mankind... we can choose. May patience and your best virtues guide your choice always, sunshine. And when you have mastered that, call me. Because I am still learning. 

(And truth be told, I am less judgmental about the reasons people join the Sufis. These 2 poems were written some 8 years ago when I was a lot more naive. Now my personal view is much more free market and who cares what reason propelled people to the Sufi path. For now that you are here... Welcome! Welcome!)

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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