Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Abraham, the Inferno & The Hummingbird - every little bit helps...

Every little bit helps...

When the Prophet Abraham was flung into the burning inferno, many animals took pity and wanted to save him, especially itsy-bitsy ones like ants and small birds like the hummingbird. One little hummingbird hurried to the nearest stream and brought with its beak a tiny bead of water. It then flew over the inferno and let the water drop fall. But even before it reached the highest flickering flames, the water evaporated.

Bigger birds nearby laughed and scoffed at the hummingbird, saying, "See what good your efforts did!? The water vanished before it could douse the smallest flame of the mighty inferno!" But the hummingbird was undaunted and it said, "Perhaps. But when I die, and verily we shall all one day die, from the smallest bird to the mightiest condors and eagles, and when our Lord questions me, for surely He shall do so -"O' little hummingbird! When My Prophet Abraham was in the scorching fire, what did you do?" Then I shall be able to reply, "O' Lord and Creator of birds and Your winged angels, within my little ability, I did what I could to save Your Prophet!" And verily, my reward will be in His Giving. What shall your reward be for ignoring the plight of a Prophet of God?"

Tough talk for a hummingbird.

So be nice to ants and birds. Especially little birds like hummingbirds and nightingales. And do not let the daunting problems of this world (hunger, poverty, environment, economic crisis, war, ... to name but a few)  discourage you from trying to help. Every little bit helps, you know... especially to God.

Oh, and about the Prophet Abraham's fiery problem... he was ultimately saved from the inferno. But that is a story for another posting.

Have a lovely day, sunshine. May you see a nightingale soon. (It is difficult to find them nowadays...)

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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