Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Mirror of God Looking at another Mirror of God - in the journey to nothingness

1. All Ours
All things invented and made,
All things written and read,
All things of beautiful birth
Are in truth, ours.

An ancient friend shared with me, "Old chum, if you think you are something, you will have nothing but shadows and illusions of this world - money, power, men and women. If you have achieved nothingness, then everything is yours for the taking, and it will be everything in its essences and hidden meaning!"

The meanings are all behind that door only. Don't go looking for meanings
through any other door, however inviting it may look to you.

He paused, and smiled. "You are confused? Let me elaborate. It is important to gain something in its essence and hidden meaning because the outward shapes and forms are merely that - shapes and forms that we perceive by our senses. Your face and limbs hide your heart, brain and other organs that make you function. And when you pierce through the skin and look at the organs themselves, they too are only shapes and forms of the minute cells that make them. And then you go down to the level of cells, molecules, atoms, sub-atomic particles and etc, etc, etc... There is no end to the essences and hidden meanings of this physical reality. And beyond that there is of course the spiritual dimension of things created by God. Which in itself is a whole other world for you to explore and gain entry into. But it is invisible to the human eye. To attain such vision you must learn too see this world beyond its forms, to make the forms invisible and transparent, that you might see the beautiful working order in this wonderous machine which God has created and Man call the Universe. Really, to trade for petty baubles and trinkets of this world is a waste of your energy..."

Then he got up and walked away. I was left alone nursing my cup of coffee, after which I also left to continue my journey to nothingness. InsyaAllah, you shall errr... not see me there at all! And I shall not see you there also, transparent as you have become to me and I have become to you - a Mirror of God looking at another Mirror of God.

Hehehe. This is what they call an overbearing ambition. But why covet the Sultan's Palace when you can have the Sultan Himself?

Sufi Travel Advice: Pack light when you are embarking
on the journey to nothingness. You will have to discard all
of them anyways - all our masks and deceptions, all our attachments
and pretension - all to be left behind approaching the
Divine Presence of God and His Prophet...

Have a perfectly happy day, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way.


jo said...

i'd like to meet your ancient friend. perhaps he knows how i can get manage this aching body beyond the physical reality of bones, muscles and cells :)

Milky Tea said...

You don't have to meet my friend. Hehehe. He will just say eat healthy, exercise and pray to God... some truths are just common...!


Milky Tea said...

uh oh... and salawat for the Prophet.