Saturday, June 2, 2012

God's Late and Quick Reply to Prayers - things that make you go hmm...

One Hot Night
He was travelling through the night,
And it was oppressively hot,
All day long he was commenting already,
“It is a little warm, isn’t it?”

The night was no better
And he found sleep difficult,
Finally it was two o’clock in the morning,
Finding the heat unbearable
He opened his can of water
And sprinkled it on his body.

Within minutes the heavens opened
And rain fell from the sky,
Now, tell me… my friend,
Which of the Lord’s gift would you deny?

Someone once told me, “God always answers your prayers. But you have to leave it to Him as to the time and place that your prayers are answered. And sometimes, He withholds His answer until the appropriate time and place, when you shall be most overcome with happiness at His reply.”

I asked him, “Only sometimes?” And my friend nodded. “Yes, sometimes. At other times the reply to your prayers comes swiftly on the wings of an angel. Which is good, but often, when this happens, Man takes it for granted, finding it easy.”

Example?” I ventured further.

“Like breathing. We exhale expecting to inhale at the very next moment. Were it not for God’s good grace where would that intake of breath come from? We do this all the time and each time God replies and gives our breath  - and yet we are forgetful.”

Hmm. Too true.

Something to think about, sunshine. While we are musing over our cup of coffee and biscuits.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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