Thursday, June 28, 2012

Make It Be! And Make It Be Me! - music, songs and the sufis

Make it be me

I would love to leave this world a song of Thee,
A sonnet or a ballad glorifying Thy utter wonderfulness,
A hard rock or a soft rhythm and blues piece that praises Thee
With heartfelt prose and love-drunk inflections!

And if this is not to be in my life, o' Lord,
How I would thank Thee if Thy could
Make me return to the world as a whisper,
An inspiration borne on the breeze from heaven
To the heart and ears of a songwriter,
And to be able to whisper into his talent,
Write it like this... Compose it like this... Sing it like this...!

I would love to be a song for Thee,
A tearful poem recited for Thee,
In a concert of saints who would
Raise the music to Thy Divine Presence!

If this would make Thee happy,
O' Lord, O' Lover of the Beloved Muhammad,
Make it be!
And make it be me!

There is just something about music that turns something on inside of us. And if I am to leave this world one day, I would love to leave this world a beautiful song for all maidens and laddies in love. They would all be singing or humming me.. in the car, or walking and listening to their iPods. Oh, they will think it is a romantic song about Romeo and Juliet, about Cher and Bono or about Layla and Majnun, when in truth it has always been about you, my Lord! And one day they will know and understand.

Unfortunately I do not have much musical talent. But God can make anything possible, so why not this? And why not me?

And why not you, sunshine?

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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