Friday, June 15, 2012

The Lake of Despair - Come on... let's get out of here...

The Lake of Despair
There is a lake in the valley of your consciousness,
A black abyss of the blackest water rising from
Some dark lightless layer of water table many fathoms
Deep beneath the surface of the valley.

On some days, and perhaps many times in a day
Your spirit finds itself drawn there,
Denizens of the valley has a name for it,
Calling it the Lake of Despair,
And they often call on you,
"Do not go there! Do not drink there!
Do not swim there!"

But you do.

The depth of the water is unknown,
Being as deep as the deepest abyss of human hate,
The water is as black as the blackest ink of human pride,
The bitter taste of the water is as bitter
As the most bitter grape of the human ego,
And the lake itself is so wide that if you stand on one shore,
You shan't be able to see the shore on the other side,
For it is as wide as the widest state of human envy.

No one should come here...

But I find myself here,
And here was where I found you too...

We get angry. We get mad. We get upset. All sorts of things (and people) can rub us the wrong way and frankly spoil our day. It can be a co-worker, a neighbour, brother, sister, our spouse and (may God forgive us) our own fathers and mothers.

Sorrow and anger is not the same thing, but it originates from the very same dark place in our consciousness (and subconsciousness), and both inevitably throws us into despair, the Lake of Despair, as where we found each other.

Come on, sunshine. You don't belong here. We don't belong here. Let's go back and shut our inner ears to the poisonous whispers of our ego, which wants to win all the time. This will lead us to anger, sorrow, disappointments and ultimately despair. Come on... let's get out of here. God and the Prophet(pbuh) is waiting. And Victory is Forever in the Divine Presence.

...sometimes, when I find beautiful spots here on earth, I wonder to myself...
Just how mind-blowingly amazing would the Divine Presence be? If it was not for God and the Prophet,
I cannot imagine anything or anyone else trouncing the beauty and mercy that God Himself
has already sprinkled here and there on this planet Earth. It is as if He is saying -
If you think this is wonderful...Wait till you get here with Me and My beloved..."

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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