Friday, June 1, 2012

The Cup of Knowledge and The Cup of Love - Pictures from Jordan

My friends and my brother traveled to Jordan recently. They converted their money
to both the US Dollar and the Jordanian Dinar. But they also kept their Currency of Love,
and they found Love in the most unlikely of places... under a Bedouin tent... 
The currency of spirituality is not knowledge alone, an ancient friend once shared with me. The true currency is love, and the highest denomination of love is Mercy. This is an important conclusion, he said. Because knowledge is a double-edged sword, and can turn against its wielder if wrongly used. "Even spiritual knowledge?" I asked. He smiled and said, "Especially spiritual knowledge."

Why is this so, I ventured to know. And this was his reply. "If knowledge is akin to sword-play, then the attainment of knowledge is to become a master swordsman. But you cannot become a master of anything if you have not attained servanthood. As you read your books and listen to the religious sermons, you start to gain a foothold in the path of religious knowledge. But every moment, your ego is whispering - 'Ah! So wise... Ah! So intelligent you are becoming!' So every moment that you sup the cup of knowledge, you must be cautious and wary of your ego, lest it supplant your heart, turning your path away from becoming a servant of God, into a slave of your ego." Then he paused before concluding, "You see, you must always remember that no knowledge can encompass God..."

No Knowledge Encompasses God
Unlock your heart and throw away the key
The rising tide is waiting to flood your library,
To topple the shelves and book cabinets over the water's edge
As you realize that no books can encompass God
And that it is God Who encompasses all knowledge!

I guess it is fitting for those destined to be ruled by knowledge, that they are so ruled. But it is also fitting that if you are chosen for the path of Love and Mercy that many, many doors shall open to you - as you find this world an infinite reflection of God's divine attribute of Love, Mercy and yea... great, great Beauty. 'In everything that you see with your heart, is rendered sweet and beautiful by a sweet and beautiful heart' - so sang an old Persian poet to me. And I do believe that my friends found it all in Jordan last week. And yea, more than they ever imagined possible!

.... and great beauty in the field of competition...

Cup of Love
Open your heart and keep the doors open
And see what marvelous truths come in
To glorify The Lord of Love in
His Infinite Attributes
And Meanings.

It is loveliness in each timeless moment,
It is beauty in each blink of the eye,
It is wonderment and awe
With each Cup of Love
That you draw from
A Sea of Infinite
.... and it was courage and valour that gathered them here, in Jordan.
Or do you think that everything is coincidental?

May you learn and unlearn such knowledge as is necessary to bring you ever closer to the Lord of Love. Have a lovely day, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


Jo said...

LoLaM 'Lots of Love and Mercy' :)
Bila mau pi Jordan?

Milky Tea said...

Hehehe. Bila bila saja depa pangil mai, pi la.