Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our Tears Are Salty Like Seawater - because we all come from God's Sea of Mercy

37. Discontented Absentee
They are there! I am here!
They are there! I am here!
Stuck with words that does not console me,
I fear!

Two Moons have left the house on the hill,
For a place of virtuous widows,
Leaving me behind,
To kill time,
With lingering impetuous prose.

So wrote the sinner(that's me!), eight long years ago when the visiting Shaykh Hisham Kabbani and the now deceased al marhum Shaykh Raja Ashman Shah ibni Sultan Azlan Shah (Ku Ash) travelled to the quaint hill village of Janda Baik (in Malay, meaning virtuous widows), leaving the rest of us here in the Klang Valley. Ah… those were the days, my friends. Heady, breezy, days of first-love, when the masters gazed upon the sinner with mercy and understanding, leaving one speechless and overcome. The first simmering glow of youthful love… Like the murmuring of a choir sent into rapture… love, love, love… “O’ my Prophet…” I recall my own affirmation, “I knew, I simply knew that the religion which you brought was founded on love and mercy, seeded on love and mercy, grown in perfect bloom with the spring rain of God’s own forgiveness and the endless sunlight of His Infinite kindness for us! I knew it! I knew it! It could not have been any other way, not when God is the absolute sublime loveliness...

Rivers of The Virtuous Widows -Janda Baik. There you shall find many things
created by God in His attribute of absolute sublime loveliness... But you need not
travel all the way here. You can find it in your own backyard or garden...
It is always there, if you are looking for it.

Since then, the sinner has experienced some more joys. He has learnt to laugh more deeply. Laughing the sort of laugh that would make the angels tremble with delight. He has learnt to love better, to smile a wider smile and to cry… ahh.. the tears…

Ku Ash
How do we express the tears of sorrowful yearning, separation, regret, gladness, hope and consummate joy that we have cried? So you see, I have two prose recorded in my life. One is here, in the sinners almanac, but the other chapter is written in the inkless, clear white tears of a sinner. And it cannot be read.

But it can be tasted. I have tasted my own tears. It is salty. Much like yours I am sure... salty like seawater. Because, don’t you know, sunshine? We all came from God’s own Sea of Timeless Beauty and Infinite Mercy. And verily, we shall one day return. Oh, and one more thing... the sea may be salty, but your homecoming shall be, insyaAllah, sweeter than the sweetest honey of the sweetest bee in the gardens of paradise. This being my fondest wish for you.

Thank you, sunshine, for giving me a little corner of your consciousness today.

Wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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