Monday, June 11, 2012

Past, Present, Future - praying for a better past?

Praying for a Better Past
Most people pray for
The present and future,
And very few pray
For the past,
Since many think
That the past is well… past.

We do not think that the past is gone,
We do not think that history is
Done and over.

The past is breathing down our neck,
The reflection on the mirror,
The wrinkles on our faces,
A breath away from
The present,
Leaving everlasting traces,

Yesterday is as real as today,
Playing over and over again,
Following God’s own holy script,

So over and over and over
We pray for a better past,
Over and over and over
Across God’s own storyboard…

Someone once told me this. Just as you pray for a better future, you should also pray for a better past. Because although the past is done and over for you in the present, it is still playing over and over again across God's own storyboard. And if God's perception can jump around from the beginning to the end and right back to the middle before going back to the beginning, who's to say that our prayers cannot? After all, a prayer is a direct congress with God in His Infinite Powers, one of which is Power over time and space.

So pray for the past, sunshine. Pray over the good days and the bad days that dot across your personal history. Pray over the good you and the bad you, over the happy coincidences and sad happenstances of your yesterdays, over your old friends, your family and your ancestors. Because somewhere in that distant past, especially over some difficult phase in your life, your past self may hear your prayer, and is at least assured, "... my future is praying over me, that I might get through this difficulty..."

It is not impossible. Indeed, even now I can hear my future praying over me...

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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