Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Sinner in The Lion City - pictures tell stories

I was in Singapore, but the sinner was not chilling in a glass
of Singapore Sling (a famous concoction). I was there
for work with a bunch of my chums from the office.

Over the weekend, the sinner and a couple of other sinners visited the Lion City (that's Singapore, sunshine) for work. Professionally it was an eye-opener for me. Physically however it was an eye-closer as we returned to our hotel rooms at night tired and mentally drained. But then again, if it was not difficult and a little tiresome, work wouldn't be work and nobody would wanna pay us just to have fun in Singapore, I guess. Hehehe. I took some pictures when I was there, and the pictures have some stories to tell...

While I was in Singapore, I wondered whether they had a cabinet position for
the Minister for Trees. The city, cosmopolitan, brash and energetic has its unruly
tempers dampened by the avenues lined with old trees, even in the heart of the business
district. I admire this about our southern neighbours.
Busy, busy, busy handling the clientele. Our partner, Alex is respectfully given the
moniker by my other partner as the "manusia takde perasaan" or loosely translated
to mean "the man with no feelings". But of course he does. He just doesn't get flustered
or angry very easily. This is a good trait to have in any line of work, I think.
But "the man with no feelings" was emotionally disturbed by the no smoking signs
that litter this otherwise perfect city. Even here, at the Newton Food Centre where you
are eating alfresco under the night sky, you are not permitted to smoke.
"This is unnatural!" I fumed as Alex nodded philosophically.
The property market here is stagnating a little. From our little
chats with the locals, we came across some sentiment of worry and uncertainty,
concerning the increase in the cost of living, high property prices and the squeezing
of the lower class amid the influx of competitive migrant labour. 
In my earlier posting I commented on how many of the holy sites around
the world always has a large pigeon community resident... in Medina, Mecca and
Jerusalem. Well, the pigeons are well represented here in Orchard Road, which I guess is a
temple of sort to the god of ostentatious consumerism.
Oh well. To each his/her own choice of faith / lifestyle.
We don't feed the pigeons, but they flock near nonetheless. Coming within a foot
of our err... feet. Some less sentimental souls like to describe pigeons as flying rodents.
Flying home on a budget airline. But it is still the same sky, whether you are
flying first class, business class or cattle class, you know. And the clouds are
as voluptuous as always. There is something about clouds that often makes me
wanna grab my camera and take pictures. God simply loves to show
off His artistic talent, I think. 
I like to wander through the mega book stores here, but we were strapped for time
during this visit. At the airport however I managed to steal away these two titles.
I have always loved Karen Armstrong's writing. I think she is inspired. In a world
full of hate, hyperbole and hubris, her considered prose is a calming
sea of reason and love.

I was pleased to come home. But travel is important I believe. It allows your soul to flex its horizons as your senses drink in different sights, food, people and way of life. Then you mix the new ingredients in the well of your soul and come to the conclusion... Oh Lord, how beautiful You have made this world to be. And how wonderfully lucky are we to be part of it. Thank you for taking the trouble to create us!

And thank you, sunshine, for travelling across the finite cyberspace to visit my almanac. Always happy to have your company.

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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