Friday, June 15, 2012

Have a Lovely Eternity - Muhammad, My Only Other

"Hold me, and of me never let go. Say my name and never stop,
For I am nothing unless my name is on your lips..."

We are farmers,
Busy making Hayys
while the Sun is
still shining.

We are writers,
busy writing books
while the ink
is still running.

We are singers,
busy singing mauluds
while the
music is still playing.

We are the Masters,
busy calling on to people
while the Prophet
is still calling.

I am Muhammad,
busy guiding my nation
while a single soul
is still abiding.

I am God,
Uncreated, Undying.
and there is no pause nor whiles
in my Absolute Love.

Know whom I Love,
Then, you will know Me.

I am the One Unique,
and He My Only Other.

Belief in one God makes you a Believer, belief in the Prophet Muhammad makes you a Muslim. The hunger pangs that you suffer and the satisfaction of a full belly makes you human. The yearning to know who you are and your Maker makes you a soul, because only a small part of your soul inhabits your present body, the rest remaining in the Divine Presence of God. For the truth of the matter is if God is the Most Lovely, the most Compelling, the Owner of Absolute Attraction, how could you have ever left His presence?

So this life, this struggle, these worldly tests and lessons you are going through now is only for the benefit of your earthly soul. And thus the Devil is fighting only a little shadow of who you actually are, your substantial essence being the heavenly soul with God and the Prophet.

So make hay while the Sun is shining in this Universe, for one day the Sun itself will die away, and however glorious and life-giving it may be now, it shall only be a little starry milestone in the eternity that you shall have to discover God and Muhammad, His Only Other. And don't you see, eternity has begun already?

Have a lovely eternity, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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