Saturday, June 30, 2012

Not a Miracle, Merely Love - sometimes, having simple expectations really helps.

Not a Miracle, Merely Love
I saw a cloud in the sky
And the tail of my master’s turban,
But it is not a miracle,
It is merely love.

I placed my hand on the trunk
Of a tree, and someone said
Verily, the master used to do that,
But it is not a miracle,
It is merely love.

I sat on the steps of a building
And someone commented,
Verily, the master used to sit there
Just like that, with his feet
Swinging in the air,
But it is not a miracle,
It is merely love.

I am a sinner and a fool,
But my master is beautiful,
And he does not reject me
Nor turn me away,
But it is not a miracle,
It is merely love.

I write of history,
Of the present,
And sometimes even
Of what is meant to be,
But it is not a miracle
Nor am I Nostradamus,
It is merely love.

People see miracles and magic,
But I only see of love.
People see mysteries and wonder,
But I only see my master.

And really, that is enough
For the likes of me.

And sometimes, it is meeting someone
special that is a grand little
Miracles? I have enough miracles already to last me several life times. Honest. Like how I found my car keys again after dropping them in a pitch black cinema. Like how I passed my honours and Bar finals. Like how I was born to a fine lady of a mother and a lovely if slightly demented family. Like how butterflies often hover near and how the trees let fall a shower of flowers and leaves along the path. And how the dog downstairs is finally noticing me after weeks of my saying hello to him. But of course, perhaps for some people, such things are not miraculous at all.

Do you think I should set my standards for miracles higher? Like splitting the Moon in two, walking on water or bringing the dead to life?

The Miracle of Man. But the truth is that I am happy this way. This life appears seldom boring or dull, and sprinkled aplenty with fairy dust. Perhaps the greatest miracle of all is our very own existence and our very own being. Because as one spiritual acolyte recently shared with me, Man affects and changes the environment that he enters into. Whether it is in his house, out in the garden, in his workplace or among animals of the forest. Always affecting for the better, if what he looks for is goodness.

It is this ability, and his latent strength to rise up again however low he may fall as an alley cat in the gutter that is perhaps, the greatest miracle of all. How fine and beautiful has God designed you, sunshine!

From here, I can see it already. Plain as daylight under the sun of Ahad and remaining luminous under the moon of Ahmad.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


Anonymous said...

Dedicated to Shaykh Raja Ashman, from Anon…

Excerpts from the present post on Gardens. Sufi Amanesis,

…Our senses, mind, heart and soul are drawn to gardens because their many qualities strike a resonance deep within our being. For people of insight and understanding, such as the Sufi masters, the qualities of the gardens of the physical world are but a sign of the existence of other non-physical gardens which have garden-like qualities capable of reaching even further into the possibilities of our essential being.

…Life seems to have more balance and harmony while in the company of one's teacher. One finds thoughts of God and remembrance of God come more easily in the presence of the shaykh than when one is removed from the teacher. One is more given to spiritual reflection when associating with one's spiritual guide.

One is drawn to the inner beauty of one's shaykh. One keeps discovering new facets of wonder and fascination in him.

One can become extremely intoxicated or ecstatic in the presence of the teacher. One comes away from the spiritual guide refreshed and invigorated. One longs to return to the garden of spiritual association as quickly as possible.

Milky Tea said...

Hullo Anon,

Lovely and true. Because truth is always lovely... thank you for sharing, mon ami!