Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In Jordan now reigns The Living Caliph - Heirs of the Shepherd vs The Three Horsemen of Despair

The Horsemen of Despair are forever our nemesis. We ride out against them
yesterday, today, tomorrow and everyday!

21. Heirs of Shepherds
The Three Horsemen of Despair
Ride in and out of our history books,

Garbed in the absence of Light
That folk call blackness
They spread misery and uncertainty
Beneath their banners that declaims;
Ego! Anger! Envy!

Their followers grow in numbers,
But between Points of Light and invincible fences
The heirs of Shepherds guard
And guide the frenzied herd
Into the Consuming Sea of Mercy.

I think very few people are willing to hazard a view that, “Oh wow, we are living in wonderful times!” There is no need to look far for problems, you can click the news on your computer and you can read about them in the newspapers. I think some newspapers should change their name from the Daily Herald to the Daily Trouble. Things are difficult the world over, and if we are not careful, trouble would come knocking on our door, asking to be let in. They often come in the guise of the human ego, anger and envy.

But however the world may turn, however high the price of oil and food is climbing, things are moving as planned. Of this, we must have a certain faith and belief – we cannot choose the times and epoch of our existence, but if you are born in these troubling days, it must mean only one thing – that you are meant to be here, with all the latent potential and promise within you to face whatever challenges fate may throw at you.

Against the Horsemen of Despair we have our own Horsemen for these times, often they are riding on the mount of humility, patience and servanthood. If you ask them they will say that they are nothing. But in these times when everyone wants to be famous and celebrities, that is REALLY something.

And do you know what else is quite something these days? The Living Caliph, King Abdullah II of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. These little signals and clues are emanating from Lefke in the Island of Cyprus… From the Heirs to the Shepherds of God.

Have a lovely day, sunshine. Thank you for coming by.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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