Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Anger Issues and a Cancerian - a grey pall cast over the Shore of Love, a temporary glitch in the Matrix of Mercy

Anger is a fire
Burning beneath you skin
Sapping your soul of the goodness
That you hold within.

A cancer destroying your spirit,
The source of many foul deeds
And many, many thoughts all-wicked!

I am a sinner. I think I have made this pretty clear. But even as a sinner I tremble with (extra) foreboding at holding any hatred in me for anyone or anything. It makes me disconsolate and discontented, you see.
This, I am not. I am fat but I hope my fattiness is transitory and will go away
if only  I pray really, really hard. I savoured this dream for a long time until an ancient
friend suggested I pray while jogging 2 kilometres a day. He said God is sure to
answer my prayers then. I don't like my friend very much.

I would like to say that I am hate-free, no-Trans-Fat, sugar-free kinda fellow. But I am on the err... plump side of the weighing scale, I have diabetes and I can entertain hateful sentiments like the best of the haters.

But if hatred does pop up like a hateful boil on the landscape of my soul, I try to take immediate corrective measures. I consider the other person's point of view and his/her antecedents. I also weigh my own faults and see how I came to this hate-filled conclusion. Often enough I am able to attain some sense of perspective and the hatefulness drifts away like a grey pall cast over the Shore of Love - a mere temporary glitch in the Matrix of Mercy. And of course, as a One-Size-Fit-All-Problems-Solution I ask God and the Prophet(pbuh) to help me rid of the hate within me.

I hope to one day graduate from being this sort of Cancerian... 

.... to this kinda Cancerian!
This struggle with hate is a constant daily toil for me, being such an 'overly-sensitive' and emotional Cancerian (Yup, I am). I hope you will pray for this crabby crustacean, sunshine... that I might be permitted to accompany you to the Good Place where the Good Ones dwell in an eternal bliss.
Hehehe. A crab can always dream, don't you agree, sunshine?

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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