Monday, June 18, 2012

Religion is (or it should be... hehehe) - from the Sinners' Dictionary

Religion Is...
Religion is courtesy and rightness,
In that order of prevalence...

Your religion should
Make your mother and father appear more lovely,
Your children appear more angelic,
You can converse better in pillow-talk,
You can engage wisely with your bank manager,
Public speaking will seem like a walk in the park,
Weariness at the end of the day is a work well done,
Waking up in the morning is a soul well rested
And what is death, if it is not a life well lived!?

Your religion should
Make each morning's greeting richer,
An embrace fantastic,
A kiss cosmic,
The assuring hand on your shoulder
Becomes the Hand of God,
The kind shoulder that you rest your troubles upon
Becomes the Shoulder of God,
But the hand that you shake to say goodbye
Is not the Hand of God because goodbye
In the original ye old English
Means 'God-be-with-ye'...

Your religion should
Make the bees' honey taste sweeter,
The scholar's mind wiser,
The lover's promise truer,
The writer's prose bolder
As wealth and poverty
Become nothing but a state of mind
And each breath that you take
Becomes just one more step
Towards the Divine Presence...

And a problem becomes a milestone along that journey,
Sickness a cleansing white fire,
Sorrow a rose in bloom,
Pain nothing but a faint white star
In a galaxy of merciful meanings
As God and the Prophet guides you
To answer the singular question
Of who you truly are

I think the prose above is quite un-commentable as I think it is a comment in itself on religion. Do not sell yourself short. Do not limit your ambitions in your quest for Goodness and Godliness.

... who am I?

I think verily you underestimate your talents!

Have a really lovely day, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


jo said...

Good Morning! Have a lovely Monday.

Milky Tea said...

The haze is gone, the sun is shining and my left eye is healing. So far so good!

Thanks for dropping in, Jo!

Btw, might be going to your state during Raya Hols... a friend's wedding (no, not mine)