Sunday, June 17, 2012

Angels Making Rain, The Return of the Haze and Super Dads

Making Rain
The Angels of God on their heavenly steed,
Stomped and stomped upon the clouds,
Galloping across the sky,
From one horizon
To the other...

Until finally the clouds broke,
The thunder rumbled
And the rain fell.

Morning Rain. It rained earlier this morning. After one week of no rain and return of the Sumatran haze to my country, it was a sweet but alas, short relief. The rain cleared the haze a little, although it is still there outside, a blurry pall hanging in the air and Man's heart.

Haze. Kuala Lumpur, in which the sinner makes his home has the intrinsic geographical condition as a natural catchment of water and air (and haze). Today however the worst affected area is in Kuala Selangor and Port Klang, at the west coast of Malaysia and nearest to the source of the haze in the island of Sumatra across the Straits of Melaka.

It was really bad a couple of days ago. Today however the API (air pollutant index)
is gradually falling and only a few spots in peninsular Malaysia are the API unhealthy.
You can check the daily API at
Father's Day. Well, I am told that it is my day today, Father's Day. Mikhail called me early in the morning and wished me to have a good one. He says he is sorry because the day came to him as a surprise, and he has not bought me anything. Hehehe.

On behalf of all fathers, I must say I am touched by the idea of our own 'global' day to celebrate our awesomeness and natural good looks. But we are alright without it. When people come up to us and say happy father's day, we don't know how to react sometimes. We don't know where to turn and what words to say in reply. Because, I don't know about the rest of the dads on earth, but I always feel inadequate to my purpose as a father. Just as how Adam perhaps felt when he first heard Eve nonchalantly saying to him, all those many eons ago... "Guess what? I think I have got a bun in the oven! You are gonna be a father..." And never being able to live up to the expectations of our children, who in the beginning, will think us Superman, but later will find out that their dear old dad is just that... dear old dad. Not Superman, not Iron Man.

But never mind... because you can still call us Super Dad.


God bless you, and Happy Father's day!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way.

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