Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happily wrapped in my skin. Kinda...

Me: Mikhail, it is important that you are happy to be in your skin.
Look at me... I am happy in my skin.

Mika: Is that why you always get on the weighing scale and SIGH?
Me: Hey, I AM happy with my skin. I just wish I didn't need so much of it....

13. I ask of you only this.
I ask of you only this.
That you be yourself.
It saddens me
To see you at times
So captivated
At being someone else.

I do not think that the Lord who created us all is asking for anything more than this. At which point in our life did we lose sight of who we are? At which phase in our growing up and growing old did we suddenly find a stranger looking back at us in the mirror?

25. Skins
It is worrying how some people live life
At odds with the skin that they wear,

It is my life’s hope
To find peace
With mine.

I think it is not an easy thing, this quest to be ourselves and find comfort and assurance in who we truly are. I think the whole Universe is observing our disconnect with our own humanity and inquiring, "What is wrong with the children of Adam?" The seas and the oceans, the birds and the bees in the trees, the very ground that we walk on and the very air that we breath are all asking this, "The Lord made us all for thee, and yet thou art not happy. Why? Surely there is nothing that the Lord has left to chance in creating us?" 

Perhaps there lies the solution. The true state of humanity is the state of grace and gratitude. I do not think this is far from the teachings of our wise forefathers. May the Lord ease our struggle - To lift the veil of the human ego and see the Universe as it truly is, and hear the words that it is truly speaking. Then, masyaAllah, you too shall be speaking the universal language of Love, Mercy and Servanthood, in converse with the stars in the sky, the owls hiding in the trees, and that dog next door barking crazy!

I barked a little and he calls me crazy...

Have a lovely day, sunshine, whoever you are presently, and in whatever skin you may be wearing.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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