Sunday, June 3, 2012

Love, Let Me... - The Coffee-talker and The Prince

Love. Let Me...
Love, let Me hold you,
Love, let Me embrace you,
Love, let Me draw you near
When all the world seems
Mad with fear…

Love, let Me feed you,
Love, let Me nourish you,
Love, let Me sustain you
When all the world seems
Mad with pain…

Love, let Me guide you,
Love, let Me teach you,
Love let Me give you knowledge
When all the world seems
Mad with rage…

Love, let Me help you,
Love, let Me love you,
Love, let Me in your heart
When all the world seems
Cold and hard…

There are not many things you can get for free nowadays. Not even water. But God is free. Free not only in the sense that there is no payment due for Him (after all, who would be able afford God's services?) and secondly, God is free in the sense that He is available to you 24/7.

Prayers? Fasting? God needs that not. But we do, to maintain a balance between this world and the hereafter, between the temporal and the spiritual. A Dervish balance, I heard a coffee-talker once said recently. He says that what he gives is coffee-talk, not religious sohbets (sermons). That is true, but the coffee that he is mixing is no ordinary blend. His name is Shaykh Bahauddin Adil. Before his passing, Shaykh Raja Ashman Shah ibni Sultan Azlan Shah (Ku Ash) was very close with Shaykh Bahauddin. Like brothers, they say.

The Coffee-Talker and the Prince in Lefke, Cyprus.
al fatiha..

And is love free? I don't think it is free. Love is exchanged with Love. So I would like to learn to be a good lover from those whose lives and passing defines the word 'love' to me - Love and Mercy.

It is a nice Sunday. Don't you agree, sunshine?

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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