Wednesday, October 30, 2013

MY LOVE, MY GOD, MY LONELIEST - of God, the beggars and the destitute, and the circle of empathy that binds us all

My Love, My God, My Loneliest
I rejoice at the happiness of people,
Smiling like a fool,
Then God interjected and said,
"I want happiness for you too."

"But God..." I answered
"Forgive me, for my happiness is with You,
Many have betrayed their sense of loneliness,
But You stand out as the loneliest of all."

So here I am.

Let them enjoy their happiness...
In their marriages, trades, births and kisses,
My happiest time is my time with You,
My Love, My God, My Loneliest.

The Odd One Out. God is the odd one out. He says He is the One and Only. And there is nothing, nothing comparable or can be associated with Him. And He once said, "I was a hidden jewel and I wanted to be known."

I don't know if God can make it more plain and simple for us. He wants our company. Indeed, He created us that we might delight in His infinite facets as the hidden jewel. A jewel utterly unique and unlike any other on earth... That's God for you.

Our Community. But God also created us to be communal. And has created us to be a creature needing companionship. So we seek our family and friends, our lovers and spouses to share our life with. And this is our life.

If God wanted, He could have maintained a humanity of one race, creed and colour. But He has permitted the evolution of many races and creed, many nationalities and cultures. For what? To create conflict, bigotry and hubris? No... so that we might learn to understand one another, tolerate and love the things that makes us different, and the things that we all still share as humans... the need for love, security and prosperity.

And in the course of our life, if we do bump into a solitary figure, a lonely hermit living in the fringes of respectable society, I hope we will remember that he too shares a longing. A desire to be known and to not feel lonely. And in this way, God the Loneliest and Loveliest completes the circle of empathy that joins all of mankind together.

So do not turn away in disdain at the beggar, the alcoholic drifter, the street-walker peddling their weary wares. For somewhere in their hearts, there is God.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


wonderguy said...

Esa He is and delve ourselves onto His upon which emptiness is bliss. ♡

Milky Tea said...

I couldn't put it any better in words... pax taufiqa