Thursday, March 6, 2014

THE WORLD OF LOVE - He is everywhere...

Love Found Me...
Love found me at the footsteps of the temple,
Love found me alone and lost,
Love found me asleep in my bed,
Love found me when I only knew hate.

Love found me, broken and discarded,
Love found me, unloved and unwanted,
Love found me like a letter in the mail,
Love found me every time I have failed,

Love found me, a beggar at His door,
Love found me, a believer on the prayer mat,
Love found me when I am wise and when I am foolish,
Love found me when I am polite and when I am boorish,

Love found me between the sigh of two lovers,
Love found me afraid and hiding under the covers,
Love found me when I am true and untrue,
How did Love find you?

Good day to you. Good day to me. Welcome to you! Welcome to me!

Do you know that the English word 'goodbye' is derived from the original Old English phrase meaning "God be with ye"? I think I learned that from one of Bill Bryson's book.

The World of Love. I reckon that much like me, Love have found you in the most unlikely of places. Not necessarily kneeling in the pew of a church, not while you are prostrating before God in a mosque, nor chanting prayers in a temple. For the world of Love is bigger than the man-made structures in which we seek to honour our God. The World of Love is chanting His Names constantly and clearly, each rock and river, every sea and tree, in the mountains, deserts and valleys, every living being, every thing created whether sentient or not... they all speak of God and His names in wonderous astonishment and awe...

There is no place on this Earth, on this dimension, there is no corner of any physical or spiritual plane, that Love does not exist. Wherever you may be, however sad you may be, Love will find you.

You cannot hide.

Believe me, sunshine.


 wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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