Monday, March 3, 2014

WELL... WOULDN'T YOU? - Divine assurance, sunnah archery lesson No.1 and the delinquent arrow

I Know Nothin' about Nothin'
I don't know the time exactly,
I am not aware of the state of my body,
I do not hold in my head the entire corpus
Of physics, biology, chemistry and all other sciences,
Nor do I have at my fingertips all the laws of the land,

So I try to get help where I can,
And I try to get help from the One who knows it all,
Who I ask to cover my decisions in all that I do,
Knowing fully well how little I know about anything at all,

Well, if you are as empty-headed as me,
Wouldn't you?

Moses and Mustard Seeds. I spent some time with my friend Moses a couple of days ago. And he shared with me his attempts at making mustard from mustard seeds (makes sense). It was delicious. He also made a very good attempt at a Malaysian version of the Tabasco sauce, which was different but also very delicious. I neither had the vision nor the wit to try either. So I know... I don't know anything about most things.

Divine Assurance. I pity Atheists (may God bless their hearts) because they don't have the Divine assurance. That special mercy from Allah (swt) that covers all our acts and omissions, simply because our Creator knows fully well our limitations, and  as God as made unto Himself forbidden the nature of being unfair or oppressive, He guarantees His help to us poor sinners and malcontents - 

Thinking of Him
...think of Him and call unto Him by His many names, 
and He shall mention you in a company 
Infinitely greater!

Ask for His aid and His aid shall come to you, 
And none better! 

His divine plans cover all eventualities of our daily life... our happiness and sadness, our successes and failures. Thus, blessed are the believers who believe in God of Infinite Wisdom, Love and Mercy.

The Delinquent Arrow. I know I am posting a lot about archery. But in archery, my master teaches me to contemplate my form and the result of my form - my few successes and my many, many failures. And we are taught to try and maintain a peaceful contentment, the Qalban Salima (contented heart) that is the cherished aim of all men, women and children... An inner peace to be gained regardless whether we succeed or fail - no matter whether your arrow flies straight to the bulls eye or wanders off to have coffee at Starbucks. 

Sunnah Archery Lesson No.1
Wherever the arrow goes, that is where the Lord wills it to go.

He he he.

May God bless you this wonderful Monday, sunshine.  

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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