Wednesday, June 4, 2014

SECRET DUTIES - the Adab of secrets

Secret Duties
If God gives you a secret, keep it,
Tempted though you may be
To share it with your company,

Then you will find in Him the best of intimate,
The source of more secrets and surprises
Beyond your wildest estimate!

We don't want to know your scandals. But how many times have we inadvertently learn something not so good about one another? And how many times were we tempted to share it with another? And may Allah forgive us, to post it, to tweet it out into cyberspace? 

My old friend says - Keep your mouth shut, Notrumi. Instead invite Allah (swt) into your secret parlour for discourse over the ancient weakness of men (that means, you). You will learn more about human nature, and more importantly, far more about yourself, then were you to share it with your closest advisor. 

It is laughable, is it not? That a blogger can still keep secrets? But I do try. And when I do I notice God Almighty stringing a path of events that shows us just how much He loves us, and just how important is our love-link to Him through His Beloved Muhammad (saws).

I cannot explain any further. After all... it's a secret!

He he he.

Secret Duties II
Allah is the Source of all Secrets,
And we are lost without Him
In the maze of our human confusion,
But it is no secret that
Nabi Muhammad is His Beloved,
And we, the Nation of the Beloved!

Oh, the Banner of Muhammad is made of Light!
Light upon Light!
Run, shadows... run!
The secrets I have is not for you!

 wa min Allah at-taufiq

- Notrumi Embun, 3rd June 2014.

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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