Sunday, November 24, 2013


My arwah brother Saiful (Poone) with saintly friends in Jordan

Not Worthy
You may think I am too praiseworthy of you,
But I saw the goodness in you that you try so hard to hide,
You may think I am too forgiving of you,
But I saw the humanity in you
And saw instead the errors in me,
You may think I am too helpful to you,
But I saw in you a light, and the light said, "Aid me to light him."

You may think all these of me,
But truth be told, 
I will never be worthy of you,
And it is this tale 
That will keep me company
As I grow old.

Cousins, Mika and Imran
I reckon there is always someone in our life who would fit the acclaim of "he / she of whom we are not worthy of". It could be your mother, your father, your sister, your school friend, your wife, your teacher, your minister or even your butcher. It is a humbling thought for me. And by God, do I have a lot to be humble about.

He he he.

All praises to God, alhamdulillah. But there is no harm, indeed I think it is a necessary avenue that we come to the all-praise worthy One, a.k.a God, through our estimation of people, simple everyday folks or giants of history, that are praiseworthy themselves. And of course that brings us knocking on the door of Muhammad Sayyidina Miftahur Rahmati (The Key of Mercy), His noble family, companions and saints that is to this day still peddling their wares, knocking in turn upon our hearts, and asking... "Let the Light in, turn on the Light..."

Beneath the quilt of my life, I am warmed by the people who have come into my life and left me, and those who are still here. I am a little tired, but I am not sleeping forever yet. Who knows when... but for now I am happy to share this Earth with you, sunshine. 

And I know I am blessed, for I will never be worthy of you. So the only way left for me is up, up, up! It is these thoughts that makes me feel so good of God, ya Ahad, ya Samad...

He he he.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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