Thursday, November 7, 2013

YA MAWLA YA MAWLANA - some words strung together. But loosely. You may fit a few infinities between the letters.

Awake in Sleep, Asleep in Wakefulness
O' Allah the Wondrous One,
Let not my attachment to You
Be a hindrance to You,

O' Allah Most Melodious One,
Let not my praises for You
Be a barrier to You,

O' Allah Sender of Dreams,
Let not the waking hours of my apostasy
Drug me to sleep far from You,

O' Allah Owner of Sweetness,
Let not my blessings make
Me one moment forgetful of You,

O' Allah Most Gentle,
Let not my words imprison me,
Let not my life defeat me,
Lead not my hopes astray,

O' Allah,
My words stop here,
But You are Eternal!
Unfathomable, Unique 
The all-Arresting One,

So arrest me, charge me of my crimes,
Imprison me in Your love,
Tether me like a donkey
To Your unspoken Reality!

I am such a sinner. And I have a sin to confess to you. Since writing this blog, I used to schedule my uploads. Sometimes writing them many hours ahead before actually posting them here in the Almanac. But who is to say if God would give me time to live that long? How shameful I have been, taking time for granted... taking God for granted.

So here are the words, pressed into service as fast as my fingers can type them. No delay. As we should not delay in service to Him.

For why delay a lovely thing? Why delay beauty? Why delay our prayers?

Ya Mawla... ya Mawlana...

I had dream. I woke up. I prayed. It lead me here. To you, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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