Saturday, November 9, 2013


A Journey in the Meaning of Sound
Life begins as a journey in the meaning of sound,
As you cry out for your mother's milk,

Then, as you grow and learn to discern reality,
Stringing sentences to encapsulate your understanding,
Life becomes a journey in words and their ever-changing meaning,

But for the music writer, 
The composer in all of us,
Listening to nature,
Life still remains  a thing
To be understood in the ebb and tide,
And the tone and tempo of raw sound,

The oboe, the cello, the guitar and the flute,
The piano, the synth, the stirring cup of music,
The songs of the nightingale,
The watery speech of the sperm whale,
Drums beating in the night,
Sufis whirling in delight.
Like the child we once were... 
Crying for our mother's milk,
They raise their voice
In words formed yet formless,
Praising a God felt yet unseen,

Why is a sound pleasant to us? Why is Mozart's music often uplifting, Bach's symphonies thought provoking? What is in the nature of a particular melody or chord that strikes us with sadness, joy and melancholy? Even without words, instrumental music has been instrumental (forgive the pun) in shaping our thoughts and our feelings.

The appreciation of music has been wired into the human soul. It is one of the most visceral form of communications we have been granted by God, the Most Musical and Melodious One. To appreciate God and His Attributes through song and music is a gift beyond measure.

If you are musical, do not fret, for you are in good company. As I recorded with a merry nonchalance many, many years ago...

2. Music, Truth and Mercy
Music is prohibited for some,
Not advisable for a few,
Optional for others,
Highly recommended for the rest,
And mandatory for a number.

Truth is for all.
And Mercy is for the asking.

So let the music play, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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