Monday, August 23, 2010

Believe (or a Man on Fire)

If you are on fire, come swim in My Ocean,
If you cannot reach My Shore
Wait for My Rain Clouds,
If you are buried in soil
Wait for My River to cleft
Its way to you, My love.

I have not seen your record,
I have not read your report,
I am only looking at the Sun
Which is lighting the passages of your heart
setting alight,
Your Book of Errors.


If you burn, do not be anxious,
If you hurt, do not think you are forgotten,
Have I not been your solace
Through all of your years?

You are My Gift,
A nanosecond of My Sublime Imagination
And wrought in My Mercy and My Love
For Muhammad.

Why despair?
Do you think I do not care?
My Love for you is the similitude
Of an infinite Seas of Love
Lapping upon your sorrowful shore,
Of an infinite horizon of white clouds
Waiting to rain on your barren soil.

Oh my servant!


No. 82 from a chapter entitled 'the Dam.SunSun.Ana'. Believe, and doubt no more. And if you are still unable to, at least remember that the Lord and His Beloved, certainly believes in you.

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