Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just for You

My friend, Nun Tuck, says that "summer afternoon" are the most beautiful words in the English Language. For me though, it is grey skies, morning drizzle and (little) puddles on sidewalks that make my day...

Layla II
Grey skies and smiles,
Bent boughs and swaying willows,
Falling leaves and morning showers,
Wile away my happy hours,
And leave me in no doubt,
That He made them all, friends and foes…
Just for me.

(No.172, from the "Dam.SunSun.Ana")

I guess that makes me, to use a British politico-slang, a Wet. What about you? Of all the disconsonant poetry in nature, what makes it for you? If you have no particular favourite, that is fine too. No pressure.


Update 1.11am 21.07.10 - The heavens opened up with great gusto this evening. Yet another tree fell near my house. Lightning bombarded the house, the electricity tripped twice, before finally giving in. Met Heche and acted like an absolute fool. Made up, and in the finality of events, the moon slipped between two wisps of cloud to grace the sky like a benevolent eye. All's well that ends well then. Ya Hu...

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